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Frequently Asked Questions

In the more than thirty years FaithSearch has been conducting evidence-based presentations, participants have asked direct, honest questions about the evidence, and its implications for their lives.

Some of the issues expressed most often are included on this list. We will update the list periodically, so if you have a question not addressed here, please use our contact form to submit it. We will be happy to hear your concerns, and if possible, address them directly and on this list.

Aren't Good People Good Enough?
Take, for example, an atheist who is a good citizen, kind to people and gives to charity... < Read complete answer... >

Why should I want to be a Christian when they are all hypocrites?
First, the Christian faith is not invalidated by the actions of some Christians in history—or by how they may act today.... < Read complete answer... >

What happens to those people who have never heard of Jesus?
No one will go to Hell because they have never heard of Jesus.... < Read complete answer... >

How can God allow so much suffering and evil in the world?
The Holocaust and the attack on the World Trade Center are just two of many atrocities which have been witnessed in history.... < Read complete answer... >

Is it enough to believe in God, or that God exists? Is this the same as personal faith in Jesus?
Polls in the United States consistently reveal that about 95% of us believe in the existence of God or a higher power.... < Read complete answer... >

Is Christianity more exclusive than other religions by claiming that Jesus is the only way to God?
This question raises two related issues. First, is it true that the Christian faith maintains that the only way of salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ?... < Read complete answer... >

How can I know there is life after death?
It is important to recognize that having a longing for life after death is a good thing.... < Read complete answer... >

What evidence links Jesus' life with that of the promised Messiah?
One of the most persuasive lines of evidence that Jesus was the Messiah is that His life fulfilled numerous Old Testament prophecies.... < Read complete answer... >

Is Jesus "God" or the "Son of God"?
Invariably when Jesus is discussed, someone will boldly proclaim that He wasn’t actually God, but the Son of God. The contrast is unwarranted—it’s not either/or but both/and.... < Read complete answer... >

Do theories that deny the resurrection of Jesus have any merit?
There have been many theories attempting to explain away the facts of Jesus’ empty tomb, including the following:... < Read complete answer... >

Why are there four different Gospels about Jesus in the New Testament?
There is a sense in which the question ought to be, “Why are there only four Gospels?”... < Read complete answer... >

Are the miracles of Jesus real facts of history?
Some people wonder, “If miracles are real, why don’t we see them today?”... < Read complete answer... >

Are the New Testament accounts of demons true?
The New Testament, including Jesus Himself, clearly teaches the existence of a spiritual realm of demonic and angelic personal beings.... < Read complete answer... >

How do the writings of other religions compare to the integrity and historic reliability of the New Testament?
Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism do not put the same emphasis on textual studies that we do in the West.... < Read complete answer... >

What do we mean by "proof" when testing whether something is true?
The scientific method of proof requires phenomena that are testable by being reproducible in a controlled environment.... < Read complete answer... >

What evidence for His existence has God provided so that He can declare the atheist is "without excuse" in his unbelief (see Romans 1:20)?
Can we get any clues about the existence of God from nature itself? The foundational question about the origin of the universe and of life is whether they are the result of random processes (chance) or intelligent action (design).... < Read complete answer... >

How do scholars determine how old a manuscript is?
There are numerous ways to determine the date of a manuscript.... < Read complete answer... >

How was it decided which books should be included in the New Testament?
Which books should be included in the New Testament is the question of canonicity.... < Read complete answer... >

How can we trust the stories of Jesus when the Gospel accounts contain errors and contradictions?
If a person is inclined to "want" an error to be found in the Gospel accounts, in order to justify their unbelief, they will find opportunities to claim such exist.... < Read complete answer... >

Why does it matter that the life of Jesus and the New Testament records are historical?
To address this question, we ask you to consider the following excerpt from author David A. Noebel's Understanding the Times.... < Read complete answer... >

Is religious experience so subjective that it doesn't prove anything?
There is a chorus of people who claim to have found joy, tranquility and a host of other benefits—attributing their life change to a variety of sources or activities.... < Read complete answer... >

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