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FaithSearch International


Giving to FaithSearch International

FaithSearch International is a donor-supported Christian ministry; an interdenominational, not-for-profit religious entity [organzied and approved under provision 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code]. As such, all donations to FaithSearch are tax deductible to the full extent of IRS regulations. FaithSearch also abides by the guidelines of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Read their report here.

Checks should be made out to "FaithSearch." We also process donations through Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover® credit cards. Donations are accepted at our office, at our events, by mail, by phone, and through our online store.

Board of Directors Policy on Donated Funds

How You Can Help

Our current, core budget is approximately $48,300 per month. Ministry projects beyond this must receive special funding before they are undertaken. Ask God how He would have you be part of His plan. (Download the "How You Can Help" brochure as a PDF here.)

  • Pray. This is perhaps the most important aspect of our—or any—ministry, and it must not be overlooked. It is God who provides. We are and have always been completely dependent on Him. Be the persistent friend in Luke 11:5-8 on our behalf: knock on the door until the request is granted.
  • Increase your level of giving
  • Monthly giving helps us plan and avoid cash flow issues
  • Simplified Giving from your checking account (or credit card) is easy: no more checks to write (see below)
  • Online Giving is easy through our online store (see below)
  • Introduce the minstry to friends and associates who may be able to give
  • Ask your church to support our ministry or a specific project through their missions budget (e.g. the Russia ministry, the Spanish ministry, or "Vision for America")
  • Appreciated securities may also be donated using the information below
  • Use Goodsearch for your Web searching, and Goodshop for your online shopping (see below). Each search and a portion of each purchase triggers a donation to FaithSearch.

Simplified Giving: ACH (Automated Clearing House)

You can now have your regular monthly giving conveniently and automatically deducted from your checking account (or credit card). "Simplified Giving" makes us even more effective by freeing up valuable resources for direct ministry. Download, print, complete and mail the authorization form.

Online Giving

FaithSearch maintains an online store where our ministry resources are available for purchase. We can also process donations through the store. Gifts may be directed toward the ministry's operating budget (FaithSearch International) or to specific projects as are periodically published to meet a specific need (e.g. our Russia ministry and our Spanish ministry projects) or in support of individual staff members or speaker/evangelists.

Designated Projects

Here are some ideas for designated projects you may like to make possible through your giving:

  • $120 ($10 a month) equips a pastor with information and materials for teaching and preaching, for building up local disciples. Typically a pastor's ministry will regularly influence at least 100 people.
  • $240 ($20 a month) trains and equips a local leader to be a teacher of the Gospel with Evidence, who in turn trains others, conducts outreach events, and builds up local churches. A potential impact of a thousand lives in a year.
  • $500 ($42 a month) underwrites a single "Vision for America" campus training event, investing in tomorrows Christian leaders by equipping them with the training and resources to use the Gospel with evidence effectively in their future ministries.
  • $600 ($50 a month) maintains the FaithSearch Web sites, which serve more than 300,000 pages of ministry information per year, and last year generated over $18,000 in ministry revenue through donations and sales.
  • $720 ($60 a month) pays for the cost of translating Surprised by Faith and study materials, enabling people to hear, read and study the Gospel with Evidence in their own language (Chinese, French, Thai, Gujarat, etc.) The potential audience is in the millions for each language.
  • $960 ($80 a month) pays for a FaithSearch Discovery outreach event in the USA, to which Christians can bring friends, such as on university campuses and in community-wide events. On average 200 lives will be influenced per event. (About 250 events per year.)
  • $1,800 ($150 a month) covers the cost of printing 2,000 copies of Surprised by Faith, often in a language or country with very limited Christian resources. Each book will typically be read by at least five people, touching 10,000 lives!
  • $5,000 supports a FaithSearch evangelist for one month (salary, benefits, expenses, ministry resources, etc.) enabling him to multiply himself by teaching and training others to teach the Gospel with Evidence in his assigned region. In a year each evangelist trains about 300 leaders in his region to teach FaithSearch Discovery, and directly proclaims the Gospel with Evidence to thousands.
  • $15,000 ($1,250 a month) enables FaithSearch International to be introduced to a new country (travel, training, materials, local expenses, etc.) exposing a new audience of millions to the Gospel with Evidence, and introducing the opportunity for a sustainable ministry of multiplication. FaithSearch ALREADY has received invitations to conduct ministry in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and elsewhere which await the financial resources to enable them to be fulfilled.
  • $39,000 ($3,250 a month) is the annual budget for our "Vision for America" strategy to reach future Christian leaders in the USA. Details about this strategy are found in a recent newsletter article.
  • $44,000 ($3,667 a month) is the annual budget for each of our current exciting international ministries: for our Russia ministry and for our Spanish ministry. These ongoing ministries are already touching thousands of lives through the Gospel with evidence. This is accomplished both directly through outreach events, and indirectly through training current and future leaders to use our ministry resources to effectively proclaim the Gospel with evidence in their indiginous ministries.

Appreciated Securities

For Appreciated Securities, here are the relevant numbers:

  • DWAC: 5198
  • Account #72Z-02100 (Merrill Lynch)
    Contact: John Force, 612.349.7978
    Account: FaithSearch International
  • Federal ID 41-1341478

Goodsearch and Goodshop

Goodsearch: You Search...We Give! Here's an easy way to raise money for FaithSearch. Just start using Yahoo!® powered Goodsearch.com as your search engine and they'll donate about a penny every time you do a search!

In addition, at their online shopping mall, you can make a significant contribution to FaithSearch each time you shop online—all at no additional cost to you! By using Goodshop to access any of 5,000+ retailers, up to 20% of your purchase will be donated to FaithSearch International. Enjoy thousands of money-saving Goodshop coupons, such as discounts on home d├ęcor from Pottery Barn, hotel promotions from Hotels.com, and Nike shoe discounts, as soon as you sign up and select FaithSearch International as your cause!

You can read about Goodsearch in the NY Times, CNN, ABC News, and the Wall Street Journal.







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