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Recent News of Note:

Supporters of James Ossuary Inscription's Authenticity Vindicated

The Biblical Archaeology Review Web site is maintaining a page for recent news regarding the "James ossuary" and the so-called "forgery trial of the century. See "Supporters of James Ossuary Inscription's Authenticity Vindicated." (offsite link *)

Leprosy Confirmed in Jesus' Time

Although many seminaries even today still teach that the so-called leprosy recorded in the New Testament was some other form of illness, a recent discovery confirms the biblical account. "An Israeli archaeologist has found what he says are the oldest remains of a leprosy victim to be uncovered in the Middle East, buried in a biblical valley whose name became a synonym for Hell." On MSNBC (offsite link *, December 31, 2003): Ancient leper's bones found in Jerusalem: Discovery proves that malady existed in biblical times

Debate Continues over "James ossuary"

After any discovery, it is normal in scholarship for a debate to continue over several years, even decades, until a consensus is finally reached. With controversial discoveries, the debate often spills over into the popular press.

On Biblical Archaeology Review (July/August 2003):
"New Tests Bolster Case for Authenticity"
On Washington Post (June 19, 2003): "Agency:
Inscription Citing Jesus Is Fake"
On Archaeology (June 18, 2003):

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